Trial Section - Try , Learn & Enjoy 3 more Vedic Math Techniques

Hello and welcome to the Free Trial section of MathsUp, Vedic Maths program.

Vedic Maths is certainly very  exciting. It has magical power to improve your skills to do faster calculation and mental math.

Here, in this Trial section, you can explore and learn various  vedic maths techniques, even take online quizzes. Enjoy and experience Vedic math.

MathsUp vedic math program  is destined to unleash the amazing power of your brain to calculate faster,  calculate mentally in a just 10 days course program. MathsUp Vedic Math Program has more than 50 interesting lesson videos and few of the lesson videos are shown below with their respective video time durations. 

Multiplying Numbers between 11 & 19 (Time: 3.49 Min.)

 This is quite easy to learn technique and very useful technique in exam whenever you have to multiply two 2 digit numbers between 11 to 19. 

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Multiplying any Number with 11(Time: 5.00 Min.)

This is another easy and fun filled technique. You would find it extremely useful whenever you have to multiply any number with 11. 




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Square of any 4 digit Numbers (Time: 9.12 Min.)

Imagine squaring of any 4 digit number mentally and  writing the answer in few seconds. This is an interesting technique where we have introduced a very interesting concept called 'Duplex' of a number. You can easily master this technique with the help of few practices. Recommended for students above 14 years age.

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MathsUp Vedic Math 10 Days Course has over 50 such video lessons for 1 month of online access and downloadable Technique Flashcard PDFs.